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powered by ComLine

Good solutions

The requirements for necessary business processes are constantly on the rise. Without digitalisation of daily workflows and optimisation of continuously recurring processes you, as the customer, are only competitive to a limited degree.

This is why we at ComLine not only have very committed and highly motivated staff, but also continuously develop new tools that verifiably make your daily work

significantly easier. Our tools are very user friendly, extremely efficient and optimally coordinated with your various process requirements.

The high level of service and effectiveness of our unique tools represent a real USP that will also convince you.

ComLine Cloud Center

With the Cloud Center we offer you a very simple, intuitive and comfortable way to order, migrate and manage cloud products. In the cloud stores of the individual providers, you will find individual processes and solutions that are precisely tailored to the requirements of the manufacturer and the products.

Kickback Tool

Exclusively with us, you have the opportunity to register deal registrations for Adobe NewSeats and thus qualify for a kickback. Whether Creative, Acrobat or Stock, we support you financially in customer acquisition. Because good work should be rewarded.

HP Configurator

You know what requirements your customer has for their new HP workstation. Our configurator shows you which components are needed and quickly guides you to your goal – optimal HP power for your customer.

Connect Digital

Whether you have EDI, SOAP, SAP or NVE/SSCC – Connect Digital gives you active digital support in simplifying your work processes by means of electronic data exchange, interacting with your merchandise management or integrating your requirements in our system.

CTO Finder

Our ultimate search engine for Apple CTO configurations focuses on comfort and quality. Superfast article searches with all detailed information, personalised prices and permanently updated delivery dates.

DEP direct

The fastest and most reliable method for integrating iPad, iPhone and Mac computers in the Apple DEP process. Direct server connection with the shortest response times – fully automated.

RAE plus

The box-free 24/7 solution for AppleCare and Apple Care+ insurance products. Ideal for your POS thanks to direct coupling of product and insurance. The high-margin enhancement for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch.


The only practice oriented and scalable reseller solution for the sale of volume licences to businesses and educational institutions for equipping staff with apps, also in large quantities – and you profit straight away.


Our online shop offer for an optimal, professional and continual support of your major accounts and EDU projects. A customer specific, personalised merchandise purchasing according to your specifications.


Save time and money by automatically shipping goods from our warehouse straight to your customers accompanied by your own individual delivery note. We inform you as soon as the order has been processed, so that you’re always up to date.

Software Finder

Licences, box products, updates, EDU, Enterprise, ESD – with our software finder you will always find the right product you need for your current order, quickly and reliably. Accurate and efficient – and typical ComLine.

Smart-Living-Finder ™

Show your complete Smart Home range with all its features on touch-enabled devices without having to unpack and repack it all again. Including 360-degree views and video tutorials – 100% digital.